Shalomat sausage peeler

A peeler is a device used for peeling sausages. It can work with different calibers of casings, as well as different types of casings (cellulose and artificial). It is very easy to operate and maintain, but at the same time has considerable power and can reliably serve both a small workshop and a large enterprise.

The fully automatic peeler Shalomat type DK.01.VM is used for peeling sausages with a diameter of 16 to 34 mm and a length of 7 cm.
Compressed air connection in accordance with DIN ISO 8573-class 2.
Air consumption: 7 bar / 750 l/min.
Capacity: 600-1200kg/hour.
In set with a vacuum suction device with a capacity of 120 liters and 220 V connection.

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