Metalbud Nowicki Novotherm 1PKE oven

Metalbud Nowicki “NOVOTHERM” 1 trolley oven has been engineered to facilitate baking processes within environments where temperatures can reach up to a scorching 250°C, all while meticulously managing controlled humidity conditions.

Main features:
– Crafted from robust stainless steel, endowing the equipment with both durability and an inherently hygienic profile.
– Outfitted with effective thermal insulation to preserve heat within, optimizing energy utilization.
– Horizontal movement of hot air within the oven interior ensures uniform heat distribution and thorough baking.
– Controlled by a microprocessor system, ensuring precision in managing baking conditions.

Installed Power: 62kW
Capacity: 1 trolley
Dimensions: L: 1650 x W: 1500 x H:3200mm

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