Kromel screw conveyor with product shredder

Kromel screw conveyor is used in various industries for moving variety of materials. It operates by using a rotating helical screw blade within a tube or trough to move products to a given height or distance.

Equipped with continuous feed product shredder which allows for the continual feeding of meat into the machine without stopping, saving processing time. Continuous feed shredders are more efficient compared to batch shredders, where the machine needs to be stopped to remove the product​.

Whole construction made of stainless steel, which guarantees the highest hygiene and ease of maintenance.

Loading height: 1300mm / 1000mm without product shredder
Unloading height (regulated): 2250mm or 1850mm
Distance between loading and unloading section: 3700mm
Total length: 4200mm
Tube diameter: 200mm

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