DAMER BWT 138S generator

Power generators are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. DAMER model BWT 138S specifically has a rated power output of 100 kW, a generator of this power is suitable for a variety of applications, including small to medium-sized businesses, residential complexes, construction sites, and events.

DAMER generator set is equipped with a reliable and efficient internal diesel engine model R6105AZLD designed for optimal performance and fuel efficiency and alternator model BW-274D, which is responsible for converting mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy, designed to provide stable and high-quality power output.

Soundproof enclosure reduces noise emissions during operation. This is particularly useful in applications where noise levels need to be minimized, such as in residential areas or sound-sensitive environments.

Dimensions: L: 2900 x W: 1050 x H: 1400mm
Weight: 1500kg
Rated power: 100 kW / 125 kVa
Year of manufacture: 2023

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