Weiler 1109 meat grinder

Weiler 1109 is a powerful meat grinder for the most demanding tasks. It tackles diverse applications and materials with ease, offering unmatched flexibility and high-volume output. Engineered for durability in tough conditions, the 1109 boasts a low ownership cost and consistently delivers top-quality results.

Ideal for medium to high-volume fresh meat operations, this device leverages time-tested Weiler technology. It’s user-friendly and designed for quick, thorough cleaning. It excels in challenging tasks across food, pet food, and rendering sectors.

Technical data:

Plate diameter: 280mm
Power: 75kW
Efficiency: up to 22.000 kg/h
Total dimensions: L: 2500 x W: 1400 x H: 2200mm
Weight: approx: 1800kg

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