Seydelmann mincing and mixing line

Used Seydelmann mincing and mixing line is an industrial system designed for the efficient preparation of ground meat products. It involves grinder, lifting device, conveyor transporter and mixer that work together to achieve the highest quality of desired products.

  1. Seydelmann AU200 is the primary machine responsible for breaking down whole cuts of meat into smaller, ground pieces. It consists of a feed hopper, a rotating auger, and grinding plates with different hole sizes to control the fineness of the grind. AU200 boasts a full stainless steel construction. This grinder is versatile, capable of processing fresh meat. It’s ideally suited for medium to large enterprises and offers impressive performance, with the ability to process up to 10,000 kg of product per hour, depending on the type of meat being processed.

    In set with lift for 200l meat bins and trolley for tools.
    Power: 55kW

  2. A conveyor system model: PTB-Z is used to transport the meat from grinder to mixer. It helps maintain a continuous and automated flow of meat through the processing line.

  3. Seydelmann P 3000 mixer with double paddles (spiral) and hopper volume of 3800l is improving the product quality by blending and homogenizing meat with other ingredients or seasonings as needed.

    Mixing capacity: approx. 2300 kg
    Two mixing shafts with ribbons, parallel
    Power: 28kW

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