Metalbud Nowicki Novotherm 3P steam smokehouse

The “NOVOTHERM” smokehouses are designed for thermal treatment processes of meat, poultry and fish products. Offered units are steam heated and can fit 3 smoking trolleys.

The “NOVOTHERM” system is based on a modular structure appearing in 3 trolley configuration, which is formed by acid-resistant panels filled with polyurethane foam.

The main features of the “NOVOTHERM” system are :
– automatic chamber cleaning system to minimize operation of the machine, the basic element of the washing system is a foaming tank, supplied with compressed air, from which, through a system of electro-valves and collectors made of pipes and fittings, the washing agent in the form of foam is supplied to individual sections of the chamber
– special system of air and smoke distribution inside the chamber to minimize cooling and ensure uniform temperature distribution throughout the volume
– AV-1 series airtight smoke generators that optimize the process of
smoke generation with minimal use of smoke chips

Installed power: 15.1 kW
Maximum chamber temperature – 95 C
Steam consumption: 135-150kg/h
Dimensions: L: 3700 x W: 2650 x H: 2700mm (without turbines)
Available 3 units, complete with smoking generators and turbines