Modernpack Sepamatic 410 ST separator

The Modernpack Sepamatic 410 ST separator is designed for the efficient separation of meat from sinews, cartilage, and bones while retaining the natural texture of the meat. This machine is particularly useful in food processing industries that require high standards of meat preparation, such as sausage production.

The separator operates by transporting unprocessed meat to a perforated drum via a flexible and wear-resistant polyurethane belt. The increasing pressure pushes soft meat through the drum’s perforations while retaining firmer parts like tendons and cartilage, which are removed by scrapers.

Machine equipped with inlet product sensor.

Efficiency: up to 800kg/h
Drum perforation: 3mm
Power: 2.2kW
Dimensions: L: 1200 x W: 800 x H: 2000mm