Provisur AM2C Beluga SD 1830 separator

Provisur AM2C Beluga SD1830 separator features cutting-edge separation technology combined with a low RPM, single screw feed system, ensuring delicate handling of raw materials. It provides a high-quality, ground product while keeping the fibers and textures intact.
The final product is of high quality. Controls are mounted directly on the machine for easy access. The design has a small footprint, saving space.

Machine has a versitile operation and can work with red meat, poultry, pork, fish, fruits, vegetables etc.

Technical features:

Gentle handling – Low calcium (<1000 ppm)
Minimal temperature rise
Modular head system – Maximum yield, flexibility
Machine mounted controls – Easy operation
Simple head adjustment – Easy set-up and optimal yields
Machine capacity: 2000-3500 kg/h
Yield: 20-95%*