Beehive RSTD06 Deboner

Used Beehive RSTD06 fresh meat separator. Suitable for processing all types of raw meat materials. The rugged stainless steel construction, thick-walled steel chambers and efficient feeding mechanism enable the Beehive® RSTD06 separator to efficiently handle even the most difficult meat processing tasks. The separator is suitable for separating, desinewing and defatting products such as:
– pork
– beef
– poultry
– fish
– lamb

There are 4 different separation heads and three spare augers included.

Technical data:
Auger rotation: 206 rpm
Rotation of feeding augers: 26-78 rpm

Manufacturer: Provisur Beehive
Model: RSTD06
Height: 1900 mm
Width: 1082 mm
Length: 2245 mm
Weight: 1800 kg
Capacity: 292 l
Total power: 41 kW
Efficiency: 1300-2000 kg/h