Bizerba VS12D Slicer

The BIZERBA VS12D slicer is perfect for cutting sausage, ham, bacon, baked products, smoked and cooked meats as well as yellow cheese. The slicer is an ideal solution for meat plants, food trade, catering chains, as well as catering facilities. The machine works in automatic and manual mode. BIZERBA VS12D offers a package of cutting programs:

– Laying flat in three rows along or across
– Stacking slices of one product
– Stacking slices of one product into up to 4 stacks one by one in a double stack
– Serving on a table or a round plate (in stars and rosettes)

Manufacturer: Bizerba
Model: VS12D
Height: 744 mm
Width: 941 mm
Length: 536 mm
Electric power supply: 230V 50Hz 1N

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