Aew Delford Polyslicer

Used industrial AEW slicer is suitable for a wide range of cooked meats, cheese and formed products.
The machine will produce stacks, shingles or shaved products.
Polyslicer Plus ensures excellent presentation of shingles, stacks and wafer thin formats.
Roller infeed conveyor is currently set up to accommodate 3 logs of product measuring 83 mm wide each

All functions of the slicer are controlled by PLC and Motion Controller with dedicated programmes containing a number of variable parameters that enables the operator to achieve optimum machine performance.

4 additional blades in set

Manufacturer: AEW Delford/Thurne
Model: Polyslicer Plus
Blade speed: Involute 100-1500 rpm / Orbital: 100-600rpm
product length: up to 1200mm
Slice thickness: 0.1-20mm
Height (mm) 1900
Length (mm) 5500
Width (mm) 1250

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