Koppens forming, buttering and predusting line

Used Koppens forming, buttering and predusting line is a great solution for every production plant who is specialized in making meat burgers. The forming and portioning system is designed so that products can be molded without destroying their natural structure. The former have an autonomous hydraulic drive unit that is air-controlled.

The line consists of Koppens VM 600HD, Koppens ERT 600 wetcoater and Koppens preduster.

Koppens VM 600HD

Year of manufacture : 1997
Power : 11,27 kW
Weight : 1045 kg

Usable forming area:: 570mm x 130mm
Maximum thickness of forming plate : 40mm
Capacity : up to 50 strokes/min
Belt width: 600mm
Maximum hopper capacity : 250

The machine needs air, electricity and water to function properly.

Koppens ERT 600

Year of manufacture : 1997
Power : 1.95 kW
Weight : 325 kg

Dry breading machine

It is adapted for breading meat products, stuffing, fish burgers. The device guarantees even distribution of the coating over the entire product.

The complete line allows to form meat burgers and cover it with coating both wet and dry (flour/flour with spices)

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