Efficient Burger, Nuggets & Patties Production Line | ALCO, JBT, Schomaker

Upgrade your food production with our comprehensive burger, nuggets, and patties production line! From forming to IQF freezing, this line covers all stages with top-tier equipment from ALCO, JBT, and Schomaker.

Watch to see our complete production line in action:

  1. Forming Machine: ALCO / JBT AFM 400 PC
  2. Breader: ALCO / JBT APN 400
  3. Battering Machine: ALCO / JBT ASC 400
  4. Meatballs Machine: Schomaker-tec BRU 600-488
  5. Shuttle Conveyor: Schomaker (400 to 600 mm transfer)
  6. Fryer: Schomaker
  7. Oil Management System: Schomaker
  8. Linear Oven: Schomaker
  9. Shuttle Conveyor: Schomaker (600 mm to 400 mm transfer)
  10. Spiral Freezer IQF: ALCO / JBT
  11. Compressors, Evaporators, and Condensers: Bitzer

    Key Features:

High efficiency and precision
Comprehensive solution from forming to freezing
Advanced technology ensuring product quality
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