Metalbud Nowicki Cutter KN-200

Metalbud Nowicki’s KN-200 cutter is ideal for producing all types of meat stuffing. Ideally suited for medium-sized companies. The cutter can be used for production in the candy, vegetable or fish industry.

Its advantages are especially:

  • stainless steel construction
  • grinding the stuffing in the whole bowl
  • high productivity
  • reliability
  • regulation of cutting speed
  • product temperature measurement
  • lubrication system
  • easy loading and unloading
  • option of mixing and grinding stuffing
  • programming of more than 40 technological programs
  • hydraulic loading

Specification : Type : KN-200
Bowl capacity : 200l
Cutting speed (rpm): 200÷4800
Mixing speed (rpm) : (-100)÷(-300)

L: 2820 mm x W: 2550 mm H: 2080mm
Weight : 3600 kg

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