Laska KU200 bowl cutter

Used Laska KU200 bowl cutter is a high-performance machine designed for the food processing industry, offering a range of features that enhance its cutting and mixing capabilities. It is known for its high knife tip speed, which is among the highest in the industry, ensuring efficient and precise cutting​.

For ease of operation and efficiency in the processing line, the Laska KU200 includes an unloader wheel, which facilitates the easy emptying of the entire bowl, significantly reducing downtime between batches

The machine has a 200-liter bowl capacity and is equipped with a knife shaft that can reach speeds of 0-4800 RPM. The motor installed power is reported as 103 kW.

Total Dimensions:
Laska KU200: L: 3300 x W: 2300 x H: 2000mm
Electric cabinet: 1600 x 1200 x H: 600mm

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