Alpina SW 330 S (Swopper)

Used Tipper Tie (Hoegger Alpina) bowl cutter with a capacity of 330 liters. The machine is perfect for any food production process where the emulsion of the product is required. The cutter is made entirely of stainless steel. Equipped with a hydraulic lift for 200-liter meat bins, it has a hydraulic product discharge and a hydraulically lifted noise-suppressing cover.

– Knife rotation: 540/960/1930/2880/3850/4050.
– Bowl rotation: 3.5 / 6.5 / 10 / 13.5
– Mixing speed: -70/120
– Power: 141 kW
– Weight approx. 7800 kg

Manufacturer: Alpina
Model: Tipper Tie Swopper 330l
Height: 1800 mm
Width: 2150 mm
Length: 2850 mm
Weight: 7800 kg
Capacity: 330 l
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 141 kW

Cutters / Emulsifiers