Seydelmann Konti-Kutter KK250

The Konti cutter is used to produce different types of sausages.
With the low-maintenance AC drive, it is possible to continuously pre-set the 6 speeds of the rotating cutting discs, in an optimal way for each product.
A reduction valve is fitted at the outlet of the cutter to control the flow rate, thus influencing the degree and the temperature of the product during comminution.
The machine’s high cutting capacity guarantee a high degree of shredding,

The machine frame of the Konti Kutter KK 250 is made of stainless steel and completely closed so that all pipes, motors andother parts are integrated into the machine.

Digital display for speed, cutting plate rotation, running time, temperature and pressure in case of direct piping.

Equipped with product level sensor.

Highest possible protein extraction
No frictional heat: perfect flavor
No metal wear in the product
No batch related interruptions
Cutter output: 5-15 t per hour

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