Cryovac packing and shrinking line

The Cryovac VS85 is a medium size automatic belt vacuum packer designed to process raw and cooked meat products, processed meat products and cheese. Whole construction is solid and simple, with critical components treated against corrosion to ensure machine durability and reliability.

Belt width: 550 mm
Max product height: 220 mm
Power: 7kW
Electric: 3x400V 50Hz
Required air pressure: 6 bar / 15Nm3/h
Required water pressure: 4 bar / 150l/h
Machine dimensions: 2600 x 1300 x H1600mm

The Cryovac ST12 shrink tunnel can be used for raw meat cuts, processed meat, poultry and cheese blocks. It is designed for small supermarkets, butchers, industrial stores and other food producers. The machine provides perfect shrink performance for Cryovac barrier and non-barrier shrink bags and allow the best possible presentation of products. Electronic water level control and temperature control up to 92°C allow up to 5 cycles per minute.

Tank dimensions: 1000 x 600 x H250mm
Power: 36.5 kW
Required air supply: 6 bar
Machine dimensions: 1300 x 1300 x H1600mm

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