EcoPak 650 shrinking tunnel

Ecopack 650 is a semi-automatic machine specialized in LDPE shrink wrapping. These machines are extremely versatile and easy to operate. A simple and inexpensive way to pack a variety of products (bottles, vases, jars, boxes)

The film is applied from one roll (located at the bottom of the machine). The worker manually wraps the product and cuts off the foil with a resistive wire (impulse sealing). After cutting the foil, the product moves to the tunnel where the shrinkage of the foil takes place.

Machine dimensions: 1900 x 1100 x H 1700mm
Entrance: 680 x 440mm
Tunnel length: 1150mm
max. product dimensions: 350 x 350mm
Weight: 250kg
Sealing width: 650mm
Efficiency: up to 8 cycles/min

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