Ilpra Foodpack 1403 VG traysealer

The ILPRA Foodpack Traysealer, model 1403 VG, is a versatile in-line automatic packaging machine designed for sealing food products in trays. It can handle a wide range of tray sizes and types, making it suitable for various food products including fresh, cooked, and frozen foods.

The traysealer is equipped with an automatic film feeding system, which improves efficiency and reduces manual intervention.

The machine is equipped with 12” colour touch screen, adjustable in the most favourable position for
the operator, simple and friendly-use software.

Machine is capable of packing in vacuum and MAP

Available with two moulds:
1. 6 x 250 x 170mm
2. 8 x 170 x 155mm
Depth, up to 80mm

Technical data:
Power: 10kW
Pneumatic feeding: 30lt/cycle – 6 bar
Protection: IP65
Total dimensions: L: 7500 x W: 1400 x H: 2200mm (2500mm with open covers)
Weight: approx 2500kg

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