Grunwald Hittpac AKH-059/3

The Grunwald-HITTPAC AKH-059 is a 3-lane filling and closing machine. A rotary cup filling machine is a type of packaging equipment designed to efficiently fill and seal cups with various products, such as yoghurt, pate, kefir, cream cheese and other similar viscous or semi-liquid substances. These machines are commonly used in the food and dairy industry.

The machine operates on a rotary system, which allows multiple cups to be filled and sealed simultaneously. The cups move through different stations, each dedicated to specific tasks like cup dispensing, filling, sealing, and capping.
Installed cup dimension: 110 x 80mm (150g)

Motor and vacuum pumps are protected and installed in the machine frame, underneath the table top.

Dimensions: L: 2300 x W: 1800 x H: 2200mm
Weight: 1500kg
Power: 9kW
Efficiency: approx. 2750 – 3750 cups/h (depends on the product consistency)

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