Fuji Alpha VI flowpack

Used High-speed Horizontal form-fill-seal machine Fuji Alpha VI 3410 is specifically designed to package various sizes of product for a variety of industries.
AC servomotor drive system is easily maintained requiring little preventative maintenance, Instructions with both words and illustrations. Interface is through the touch panel display screen.

■ Consistent, Attractive Wrapping
■ Accurate Registration Mark Control
■ Preventive Maintenance Messages
■ “Fail-Safe” Safety Control System
■ Accessible MMI Troubleshooting Manual

Operating speed: 10-120 packs/min
Heating width: 300mm
Cutting width: 90-430mm
Product dimensions: Width: up to 200mm, Height: up to 100mm
Foil dimensions: Width: up to 600mm, diameter: up to 300mm

Dimensions: L 4500 x W 1100 x H 1600mm

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