Cabinplant MHW 14 multihead weigher

Cabinplant multihead weighers are engineered to address the growing need for accuracy and swiftness during the intricate weighing of challenging products.
The functionality of the system includes continuous weighing. It also features vibration cone on the top. Additionally, the vibration dosing time is automatically adjusted based on the weight of partial portions.

The multihead weigher is supplied on a platform which can be moved on wheels to different positions in a packing line, as required. The height of the platform can be adjusted for any packing machine.

A Cabinplant MHW 14 multihead weigher is equipped with 14 weighing pockets which can calculate and control up to 16,000 weighing combinations. This results in up to 125 exact portions per minute

Cabinplant’s multihead weighers have been designed industrially to reduce cleaning time and have a low risk of contamination due to the hygienic construction.

Example: With small segments of products and a portion size of 250 g, the normal accuracy will be ± 1-2 g* at 2S

Machine dimensions: L: 1800 x W: 1300 x H: 2200mm (3200mm platform lifted)

In set with trolley for pockets
Dimensions: L: 900 x W: 900 x H: 1800mm

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