Alco AMP 3000V vacuum mixer with cooling

The Alco AMP 3000 V vacuum mixer with cooling option is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to deliver optimal mixing performance for a wide variety of products, including meat mixes, gourmet products, and mixed vegetables. Its features ensure thorough and homogeneous mixing, making it particularly suitable for applications requiring high hygiene standards.

Two horizontal, parallel mixing shafts with a geometry tailored to the product, ensuring efficient mixing even for sensitive products.

In set with standing platform and mobile loading for 200l meat bins.

Type: Vacuum mixer with cooling
Capacity: 3000l
Shaft: collision-free
Power: 26kW
Total dimensions:
Mixer: L: 3700 x W: 1700 x H: 2900mm
Standing platform: L: 2100 x W: 800 x H: 2400mm
Mobile lift: L: 1450 x W: 1300 x H: 3400mm