Risco RS 750 SV vacuum mixer

The Risco RS750 SV vacuum mixer is designed for medium to large meat industries and features a robust 750-liter bowl capacity. This mixer stands out for its intersecting mixing paddles, ensuring a gentle but thorough mix while maintaining the structure, color, and quality of a variety of products such as meat, cheese, vegetables, and confectionery.

One of the key features of this mixer is its frontal discharge design, which eliminates the need to tip over the bowl, facilitating a smoother operation within the production line. The mixing parameters are fully controlled by a Mikster control panel, allowing for precise adjustments and integration with existing production lines.

Technical informations:
Paddle speed: 35rpm
Power: 7.5kW
Dimensions: L: 2800 x W: 1600 x H: 1900mm (2600mm with loading)
Weight: 1600kg