Ekomex ML-3000V vacuum mixer

Ekomex ML-3000l double paddle vacuum mixer is a great solution for every food production plant that use mixers in technological processes.
The mixer’s capacity is 3000 liters, allowing you to process large quantities of materials in a single batch.

Collision-free double paddle design helps ensure thorough mixing and homogenization of ingredients. This design is particularly effective for mixing viscous and cohesive materials.

The vacuum feature is designed to remove air bubbles from the mixture, creating a more homogeneous and consistent product. This can be especially important in applications where air entrapment could affect the final product’s quality.

Equipped with two ZM-200 W column loaders for 200l meat bins, standing platform and safety covers.

Technical features:
MPC automatic mixing process control system
Installed scales and water dosing
Voltage: 400V, 50Hz, NORD geared motors
2pcs of mixing paddle, collision-free
Rotation: running/unloading
Pneumatic supply pressure: 6bar (max 10bar)
Connection (fi)8mm

Year of manufacture 2014