Ruhle GR50 frozen blocks guillotine

Used Ruhle GR50 guillotine is equipped with horizontal knife which can easily cut semi- or deep frozen products such as meat, fish, vegetables or butter. The knife cuts slices of 30mm thickness, 45 times per minute. Four vertical blades divide the slices into 90mm wide pieces which goes out through discharging transport belt. It has fold-away working table and lifting system.

Loading is performed at a convenient height of 970 mm.

Machine dimensions: L: 1331-2566 mm x W: 891-2180 mm x H: 1490-1862 mm
Shaft dimensions: L: 680 mm x W: 440 mm x H: 250 mm
Cutting temperature: from -40 to + 80 °C
Efficiency: 2500 kg/h
Cutting dimensions: 30 x 90 x (H)250 mm
Power: 7 kW
Weight: 630 kg

Frozen meat processing